After signing in to Vault, click Download Nimbox Vault App, and choose Windows Agent:


If you are asked whether you want to open the file, click Open:


If prompted, enter your Mac account password. The installer will now launch. Click Next:


Read and then accept the licence agreement. Click Next:


Click Next again to begin the installation:


After the installation has completed, click Finish. You will now be asked to sign in to your Vault account. Click Next:


Enter your email and password. If you're an enterprise user, you may need to enter your domain credentials. Click Next:


Choose your setup type. By default, your Vault folder is located in Macintosh HD\Users\Account Name\Nimbox Vault. Click Next:



Vault is installed on your Mac. Click Finish:


You can now view your files by clicking on the Nimbox Vault link in the Finder sidebar, or by using the Nimbox icon in the Menu Bar: